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Viagra Melanoma Lawsuit

The possible risks of Viagra were examined in extensive studies and revealed a higher chance of melanoma development, a potentially deadly skin cancer. Any men who believe they may be affected by the risk should contact a reputable lawyer as soon as possible.

In a recent study, the erectile dysfunction medication known as Viagra, was shown to pose a higher risk of developing melanoma, a potentially deadly form of skin cancer and may be grounds for a Viagra lawsuit. Published in JAMA Internal Medicine on April 7, 2014, the study suggests that Viagra (sildenafil) users were more likely to develop melanoma by almost 84% as opposed to men who did not use the little blue pill.

Viagram Melanoma Lawsuit

Dr. Abrar Qureshi, professor at Brown University and co-author of the study, claims that since the study is still in the primary stages, it’s not reasonable at this time to recommend discontinuing Viagra use. However, for those people who regularly take the medication and also have a high risk for perhaps developing the skin cancer melanoma, should consider discussing their situation with their general health care provider or even contacting a knowledgeable attorney or well-informed lawyer regarding this matter.

Experts collected and examined both sildenafil and melanoma with the purpose of verifying whether or not there was indeed a connection between an enhanced risk of melanoma in U.S. men and the use of sildenafil. Participants in the comprehensive study were thoroughly questioned about their frequent use of Viagra for erectile dysfunction and if they were aware of any cancers. Those specific participants who reported they had cancer were immediately eliminated from the study, leaving more than 25,800 participants left to study with an average age of men over 65. Many of those negatively affected have gone on to contact an attorney and perhaps start the initial proceedings for a Viagra lawsuit.

For the duration of the follow-up study performed between 2000 and 2010, experts determined that the use of sildenafil was in fact substantially linked with a significant increased chance of subsequently developing melanoma. Experts claim that the use of Viagra may boost the risk of developing melanoma since it allows skin cancer to be more pervasive throughout the body. They also determined that while Viagra may boost the risk of developing melanoma, it did not, however, increase the chance of developing other kinds of skin cancers such as squamous cell or basal cell carcinomas.

According to the report by NBC News, more than 75,000 cases of diagnosed melanoma cases will be reported this year in the U.S. alone, and nearly 10,000 of those victims will perish, with over 50% of those being men. Men, who suspect they are a victim of this circumstance, should call or visit an attorney or experienced lawyer in this area to discuss pursuing a possible Viagra lawsuit.

Dr. June Robinson (Feinberg School of Medicine), claims that melanoma in older men deserves further study and also suggests that doctors who treat Viagra-using men should always examine them for any signs of skin cancers.

The Viagra melanoma study ultimately determined that while Viagra may certainly be connected to an increase in developing melanoma, the results were not concrete enough to actually change any clinical recommendations. Experts state they need continued support to investigate the matter further.

Therefore, men who think they may be a victim in the link between Viagra and melanoma shouldn’t hesitate to contact a trustworthy lawyer or reliable attorney to discuss a possible Melanoma lawsuit today.

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